The IXP 100 Series is a cost-effective, single door, standalone or PC connected access control system for up to 500 users which is simple to install and maintain.

The IXP Series comprises three major components:

  • Door Entry Unit (DEU).
  • Door Control Unit (DCU).
  • PC Software.

The DEU is available in three versions, all fully potted to allow external mounting, as follows:

  • A keypad version in a die-cast housing suitable for use in harsh environment.
  • A non-keypad version in a die cast housing suitable for use in harsh environments.
  • A non-keypad version in a tubular housing for concealed mounting in a wall.

The DCU is housed in an aluminium extrusion.  It is connected to the DEU by 4 wires over a maximum distance of 20m , and uses a high security communications protocol.  The DCU is mounted on the secure side of the door.

The system is intended to allow multiple users through a single door.  Instead of the normal key, the door can only be opened from the outside when a valid tag is presented to the unit.  The presentation of a valid tag may optionally also require a PIN number to be entered at the keypad (Keypad version only).  Lost tags can be voided from the system without having to change locks or having any impact on other tagholders.

Except for one or two minor features ,all  functions and facilities are configurable using the IXP 100 PC software program or manually.  For typical installations where the more advanced facilities are not needed, the use of a PC is not required and even the basic system setup can be performed through the Door Entry Unit ( Keypad version only)The system even allows either PC connection or manual modification of the database - and the next time the two are connected they are synchronised 

The IXP 100 Series provides functions including access time and patterns for improved door usage control, reason codes to facilitate time and attendance systems, time stamped transaction logging, for interaction with installed alarm panels for arming / disarming.  Default parameters ensure that system configuration is quick and straightforward.  The ability to alter these parameters ensures system flexibility to cater for all types of installations.  The IXP 100 Series also allows for individual transaction events to be selected for logging thus optimising the use of the transaction buffer memory.

The IXP 100 Series includes a small power supply circuit that will accept an input AC source with lead acid backup battery to ensure normal operation during AC power failure.  The power supply circuit trickle charges the battery during normal operation.  This offers the benefit of only adding an AC transformer and battery which are readily available over the counter world-wide.

Typical prospective sites include domestic complexes, high security areas, computer rooms and stock medical dispensaries.




  • three user-tag levels comprising "User", "Supervisor, and "Administrator".
  • Reads Impro Slim tags and Impro Omega tags (125 kHz Manchester full-duplex).
  • Arming and disarming of a user supplied alarm panel by means of the DEU keypad and a DCU relay contact.  Only authorised tagholders (Administrator & Supervisor) are able to disarm by means of their tag and PIN.
  • Where no alarm panel is used, the functionality can be changed to operate as a simple intrusion alarm whereby a siren is activated when the door-open sensor is triggered.
  • Definition of simple time patterns "User" tagholders.
  • 500 tagholders and a 500 transaction buffer.
  • Optional 4 digit PIN code per tagholder.
  • Entry of Reason Codes to facilitate T&A system.  The Reason Code entry can be enabled / disabled and the length of the Reason Code is adjustable to one or two digits.
  • Each DCU will utilise a unique 6-digit security code for purposes of replacing hardware items and special engineering functions.
  • Detection of door left open, door not opened, and door forced events.
  • Audio / visual indication of AC power failure.
  • Firmware upgrade facility from a PC.
  • Special function key assignments for alarm arming, changing PIN codes, entering programming mode, and configuration functions.

Important Note:  The non-keypad versions of the DEU are not able to accept keypad entry and will thus operate with reduced functionality.  PIN code entry, Reason Code entry, alarm arming and disarming, DEU programming, and Special Function Key-presses are not available on the non-keypad DEUs.  For non-keypad DEUs, programming is done from a PC.












 CE Approved
 FCC Approved




PC Software Configuration

The following functions must be configured from the PC software and cannot be performed via the DEU:

  • Selection of transactions types for recording.
  • Calibration of real time clock (if applicable).
  • Definition of the database name (if applicable)


The PC software must operate on the minimum hardware configuration as follows:

  • 486DX Motherboard or better.
  • 16MB RAM or more.
  • Super VGA monitor.
  • 500MB Hard Drive system.
  • 1.44 MB Stiffy Drive optional.
  • RS232 Port / Keyboard / Mouse.
  • Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, NT, 2000, or ME.


EIA RS-485

Standard for Electrical Characteristics of Generators and [SHOULD REFER TO RS232 STANDARD] Receivers for use in Balanced Digital Multipoint Systems.

EN 55024

Limits and Methods of Measurement of Radio Disturbance Characteristics of Information Technology Equipment.






(Note: Data contained in this document can be changed without notice)

diagram of ixp 100 system in .pdf format